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Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar’s latest C-X75 concept car is a celebration of design, innovation and class. The C-X75 exhibits the power and elegance of a supercar while showcasing advanced technology that makes it super efficient and environmentally friendly.

“As with previous Jaguar models the interior is designed completely around the driver. The seats are fixed into the frame so upon entering the vehicle a flip of a switch brings the entire steering wheel, instrument panel and pedal box toward the driver for optimal positioning. The aeronautical theme is continued in the cabin, the started switch is positioned on an overhead control panel and the gear shift is modeled after the throttle control from a fighter jet. The information panels are also air craft inspired with a 3D simulated heads up display. Never to be out classed Jaguar added a nice analog detail, a custom designed watch from Bremont that mounts into the center console and is wound by the stopping and starting movements of the car.” – CoolHunting

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