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The Future of Business

It is  a self-evident fact that we live in a rapidly changing world , but should we really be concerned about whether  we can keep pace with all of the advances in technology and the effects of globalization ?

On should worry in the sense that it pays to put in the effort to follow as closely as you can what’s happening around you . In the future , the most successful among us will be those who understand that they are citizens of the world . Keeping up with the effects of globalization takes both apenness and work -openness to learning , reading and seeing the world and work to adapt to the competitive , intellectual and cultural shifts in due time .

At  the same time , the answer can be a square ” no” . Technology will inevitably find you , even if you try to avoid it . The real problem is that the pace of technological development has long outstripped our human capacity to use that technology , including our brains ability to process information and to do actual work . Hence the accompanying  feeling of  being  overwhelmed . Being realistic  and  discriminatory about which new technology to employ may be a more important skill than embracing it all.


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